Solvent Dyes

Rowwat International Solvent Dyes

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Solvent dyes are soluble in almost all organic solvents. Their solubility in aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, oils and waxes makes them suitable as colorants for shoe polishes, domestic polishes, candles lubricating greases, petrol, etc. It is also soluble in chlorinated hydrocarbons, ethers, esters and ketones.


Our solvent dyes are used for a variety of purposes such as:

  • Spirit and oil wood stains and varnishes.
  • Transparent lacquers incorporated nitro-cellulose, cellulose acetate, vinyl, etc.
  • Foil printing
  • Glass coloration
  • Marking Inks
  • Inkjet Inks

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C.I. No.C.A.S. No. Trade Name
Solvent Yellow 2 1102060-11-7Oil Yellow AM
Solvent Yellow 14 12055842-07-9Oil Orange ES
Solvent Yellow 33 470008003-22-3Oil Lemon Yellow
Solvent Yellow 56 110212481-94-9Oil Yellow DE
Solvent Yellow 72 -61813-98-7Oil Yellow OAP
Solvent Red 23 2610085-86-9Oil Scarlet Y
Solvent Red 24 2610585-83-6Oil Red R
Solvent Red 207 61701--
Solvent Orange 2 12100-Oil Orange
Solvent Orange 7 12140-Oil Orange DXN
Solvent Blue 4 44045:1-Victiria Blue B Basea
Solvent Blue 35 6155417354-14-2Oil Blue M B A
Solvent Blue 36 6155114233-37-5Oil Blue MIP
Solvent Blue 38 ---
Solvent Black 5 50415C.I.Food Black 1Nigrosine Spirirt Soluble
Solvent Black 7 50415B-Nigrosine Fat Soluble (Induline Base)
Solvent Green 3 61565128-80-3Quinizarine Green SS.
Solvent Green 7 ---
Solvent Yellow 62 --Yellow 2RLS
Solvent Yellow 82 --Yellow R
Solvent Yellow 90 --Yellow GL
Solvent Orange 54 --Orange RE
Solvent Orange 58 --Orange RL
Solvent Orange 62 --Orange 2R
Solvent Orange 99 --Orange R
Solvent Red 8 --Red BB
Solvent Red 89 --Fire Red GLS
Solvent Red 119 --Fire Red
Solvent Red 122 --Red B
Solvent Red 127 --Pink 5BLG
Solvent Black 27 --Black RE
Solvent Black 29 --Black RL
Solvent Black 34 --Black RBL
Solvent Blue 48 --Blue 2 GLN