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We work to deliver the correct products to the right customer at the right time.

Import & Export

The rise of technology has made global trade easier and more efficient. However, you need to navigate many rules and specifications that surround import and export logistics. We have the right expertise to guide you the right solution for all your international import and export concerns.

Supply Chain Management

Rowwat International collaboratively work between suppliers and buyers, common systems, joint product development and shared information, additionally providing a transparent inventory management process. In short we can create a fully customized approach for your business.

Manufacturing Consultation

We help companies optimize system efficiency, minimize and derive reliable sources throughout the manufacturing process. Rowwat International collaborate with client’s teams to ensure strategic and tactical implementation along with lean product development for long-term success.

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At Rowwat International we are striving to achieve a degree of promotion adaptation through product uniqueness, management commitment to the export venture, export market competitiveness, technology orientation of industry, legal/regulatory barriers, and sophistication of the export market infrastructure.

We guarantee the highest quality product at competitive prices. Our business is connecting you to our worldwide source of suppliers in record time and to ensure that the transaction is smooth and flawless.

Our Products


Colorant Dyestuff

High in purity, strength, solubility and stability. Our dyestuff is used for coloring purposes in various industries including clothes, inks, plastics & more.

Rowwat International - Pigments


Pigment Powder is colored powder that is used to produce a full range of colors. Using this powder, we produce all types of paints and coloring material like enamels, acrylics, pastels, chalks, colored pencils and oils.

Rowwat International - Food Colors

Food Colors

Our range of food colors are used in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic & various other industries. We provide you with a set of Lake and Synthetic Food Colors.

Rowwat International Dyes Intermediates


Our intermediates are largely used in the production of food colors, remazol dyes, metal complex dyes, acid dyes, reactive dyes, direct dyes & many more.

Rowwat International - Natural Colors

Natural Colors

We provide a large band of natural colours for food and beverage applications that extends from colouring concentrates to natural colouring.

Rowwat International Textile Auxiliaries

Textile Auxiliaries

Superior in quality, these products are specially designed for various requirements of the textile industry such as pre-treatment, dyeing and finishing.

Our Commitment gives you fast results.

The outsourcing of logistics services is growing ever more prevalent in today’s business environment. The impracticality of being efficient in every possible task has led companies to adjust the scope of their processes and outsource tasks which leads to cost reduction.


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