About Us

About Us

Rowwat International was founded in 2018 and is fast aspiring to dominate the global supply chains, import and export operations, and the entire responsibilities that we face in trade compliance management practices.

As in most endeavors, the basic ingredients of enthusiasm, interest and hard work are important in achieving success in importing and exporting, but they alone are not sufficient. We want to create a reputation for supplying and exporting chemical products, jewellery, ceramics, plastics, etc.

We aim to achieve a competitive advantage in exporting through long term commitment and development of appropriate assets and infrastructure to support export operations.

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At Rowwat International we are striving to achieve a degree of promotion adaptation through product uniqueness, management commitment to the export venture, export market competitiveness, technology orientation of industry, legal/regulatory barriers, and sophistication of the export market infrastructure.

We guarantee the highest quality product at competitive prices. Our business is connecting you to our worldwide source of suppliers in record time and to ensure that the transaction is smooth and flawless.

We meet or exceed all possible safety measures and also make sure to consistently apply superior service through every step in the supply chain.

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Vision and Mission

Rowwat International is a fast paced growing company continuing to build a strong full-scale support system from maintaining a strong connection with suppliers and distributors of quality around the world.

Our mission is to strive for highest customer satisfaction by embracing principles rooted in honesty and reliability. The expertise and commitment shared by our team ensures the right solutions at the right time.

When you work with us, you’ll be tapping into our singular culture of undiluted passion and creativity. Along with that our extensive network of resources will help you to use the power of well executed logistics as a strategic, competitive advantage