Natural Color

Rowwat International Natural Colors

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Throughout human history, food color has been a key trait of sensory quality evaluation. With the advent of processed food, food coloring has gained even more importance.

In recent years the trend toward a green industry and a healthy society has had a significant impact on the design and production of such products that are added to improve foods. Natural flavoring agents and dyes were identified, and the current food industry is trying to implement their use widely in most food products, while facing challenges imposed by their processing.

Rowwat International has a range of natural colors that are achieved by managing factors such as pH, heat, light, storage and other ingredients of the formula or recipe. The storage conditions of the natural colors depends on the particular need of the product.

The advantages of natural colors are:

  • Truly natural color solutions from edible plants, vegetables and fruits.
  • Excellent stability for a wide variety of food and drink applications.
  • Suitable for vegan, vegetarian, kosher and halal diets.


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